Unfettered Curiosity,
Inspiring innovation

At Vserv, we’re more than just a company, we’re a community of curious and hungry doers embarking on a continuous journey. We deeply believe that greatness cannot be planned. It emerges by having a stepping-stone approach where every step along the way, presents an opportunity to discover exciting achievements.

Our evolution rests on discovering an equilibrium between unfettered curiosity and channelled goals. Sometimes we get them right, and when we don’t it validates our commitment to curiosity. We are a team of diverse views, simply inspired to reshape the undefined potential of the digital marketing landscape one step at a time.

Meet The Vinja,
the beating
heart of Vserv

Our resilient mascot, Vinja, draws deep inspiration from the ant, a choice that runs deep and represents who we are and how we operate.

Your Success. Our Pit Stop

At Vserv, delivering success to our clients is not the finish line; it’s a cherished pit stop. We savor each moment of achievement and then eagerly reset our goals for the next thrilling journey. Orchestrating an ever-evolving blend of tech, data, creativity, and flawless operations, we don’t just enable solutions for you; we work with you as an extension of your team. We believe in the power of continual improvement and collaboration. Let’s make every pit stop count! #ElevateWithUs

The Vinja OS:
Authentic Conversations

In our world, no one stands alone; our mission flourishes through the harmony of collective effort, just like a thriving colony of ants working seamlessly together. Leadership emerges organically when a challenge arises and the entire team rallies in unison to tackle it. Within the fabric of our culture, we’ve woven a tapestry of daily, spontaneous conversations dedicated to genuine problem-solving. We lovingly call this the Vinja Operating System.

The First Lap

We embarked on a remarkable journey, driven by a vision to explore uncharted territories in the world of mobile advertising. Our flagship product, AppWrapper, became the cornerstone of India’s premier mobile advertising platform, extending a lifeline to app developers seeking monetization solutions.

Our no-coding, lite, and plug-n-play AppWrapper empowered J2ME app developers. Over these transformative years, we soared from a modest team of zero to a formidable force of 230. Recognizing our potential, investors such as IDG Ventures, Epiphany Ventures, and Maverick Capital joined us on this exhilarating journey, providing us with $17 million in investments.

The once-thriving Nokia Store and J2ME ecosystem began to wane, while the Android market rose in prominence. Recognizing the need to adapt, we made the bold decision to bid farewell to our cherished product, AppWrapper. Instead, we set our sights on crafting new products and platforms, prepared to embark on the next lap.


Here’s where our journey took an exciting turn, guided by the innate curiosity of an ant. It was during this phase that our beloved ‘Ant mascot – the Vinja was born, signifying the start of a new chapter in our story. Much like Chandrayaan’s mascot rover ventured forth to explore the moon’s surface, the Vinja marked the beginning of Version 2 of Vserv, as we embarked on a journey of reinvention.

Two promising opportunities awaited us:

  • VMAX emerged as our response to the need for an alternative to Google Ad Manager, offering publishers unprecedented control over their Ad- tech stack. It gained rapid acceptance among telcos and OTT partners, evolving into a global SAAS offering that stands unrivaled in India.
  • On the other hand, AudiencePro, our second venture, answered the call for alternative consumer intelligence data, empowering marketers to elevate their data-driven marketing strategies. Today, APRO is the trusted source of 2P consumer intelligence for countless Indian brands. enhancing the effectiveness of their marketing investments.

Products built by the Vinja Polymaths

VMAX is a cutting-edge AdTech stack designed for modern businesses. The SAAS platform enables enterprises to take control of their advertising business. Leading Telcos, OTT, Fintech apps, Esports platforms, WIFI providers, and many others have exponentially increased their advertising revenue thanks to the reliable ad-tech platform offered by VMAX.

AudiencePro is a leading consumer intelligence and activation platform in India, serving over 100 trusted brands. With AudiencePro’s self-serve platform, agencies and marketers can access high-quality 2P Audience Segments for insights, planning, and activation across any channel. Think of us as the Uber of Consumer Intelligence. By using AudiencePro, you can make your marketing investments more effective.

The creative powerhouse of Vserv, AdLabs blends storytelling with technology to craft extraordinary consumer experiences for our partner brands. Leveraging AR, Audio, and Gesture we craft compelling mobile ad formats to take consumer engagement to the next level. Our award-winning work over the years is a testament to creative excellence. Your brand’s story, told exceptionally by AdLabs.

Turbo charge your affiliate marketing efforts with OfferDeck, setting high standards for high quality user acquisitions. Today, OfferDeck is the trusted platform across industries like Fintech, E-commerce, Food delivery, Real Money Gaming and more. Elevate your customer acquisition goals with OfferDeck today.

Throughout various
phases, team Vinja
built pioneering products.

Celebrating Collaborations

Vinja Awards: A way of life at Vserv

We recognize that our strength lies in our collaborations. Our annual Vinja awards shine a spotlight on intra-team collaborations, reinforcing our commitment to teamwork and unity.

Celebrating Collaborations

Vinja Awards: A way of life at Vserv

We recognize that our strength lies in our collaborations. Our annual Vinja awards shine a spotlight on intra-team collaborations, reinforcing our commitment to teamwork and unity.

Team Vinja

VMAX : Cutting-edge, Advertising Tech Stack. Built For Modern Businesses.
AudiencePro : Consumer Intelligence As a Service. Making investments in marketing more effective.
AdLabs : Creative Services for Remarkable Consumer Experience.
OfferDeck : Acquiring Quality App users made simpler with Affiliate Marketing.

Founded in 2010, Vserv is backed by Maverick Capital, Experian & Epiphany Ventures. Our angel investor is Ajay Adiseshann, Founder & CEO, of PayMate.

Vserv was the brain-child and passion project of mobile & digital industry experts, Dippak Khurana and Ashay Padwal. Having worked together in their previous stint, these two insightful entrepreneurs came together to re-imagine mobile marketing and thus founded Vserv in 2010.


901, 9th Floor, Vakratunda Corporate Park, Vishweshwar Nagar, Off Aarey Rd, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400 063

+91 22612 31000

Join our team: careers@vserv.com

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