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we are India’s most authentic audience data pool.

Sharper in-target reach fuelled by deterministic audience segments.

Our reliable & relevant Vserv Authentic Audience Data, built from offline and online attributes, is enabling brands to reach their most likely buyers across 200+ audience segments ranging across transactional behaviour, user persona, places of interest, store visits, app usage and content consumption behaviour.

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Empowering today's marketing efforts for brands across FMCG, Health Care, Real Money Gaming, E-commerce, Travel, BFSI sectors with 550Mn+ users profiles.

Get more out of your ROI with Unduplicated Reach Across Channels

Reduce ad fatigue and maximize exposure as you take people-based marketing to your most likely buyers on an array of mobile-first channels:

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Our creative studio - Vserv Ad Labs, perfectly blends together the art of visual story-telling with intelligent mobile technology to produce truly engaging, innovative and actionable ads.

We build active-engagement experiences with AR, Voice, Games, Chatbots, APIs and more!


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Solutions Measure the offline & online impact of every ad served to users.

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