Want to take your brand’s marketing
efforts ‘a mile’ ahead?

Introducing Vserv Hyperlocal Targeting Solution

Empower your mobile marketing campaign with the most accurate, location-based and real-time audience targeting at scale

how it works

Reach your target audience at the most relevant locations through advanced geo-fencing technology and polygon mapping.

  • Choose your brands’ relevant places of interest be it a mall, competitor stores or specific pin codes

  • Identify the potential target audience around the selected places of interest by filtering through data parameters (Age, Gender, Competitor store visitors etc.)

  • Target audience is then exposed to your ads on social media, In-app or SMS when they are located at your selected places of interest

super store


Achieve a 30% lift in CTR or a Click to footfall ratio of 4-8%

Drive store visits, actions and sales precisely from real-time audience visits

Get actionable insights and a unique view of the real-world, real-time consumer behaviour

Hyper-local marketing enriched with Vserv.
Available for Branding and Performance campaign.